Electra represents a class of servo electric test system also developed for corrosion induced low-cycle fatigue testing. LCF testing in a corrosive environment poses technical challenges where in the gauge area needs to be completely soaked in a corrosive medium with provision for circulation to maintain corrosive action. Axial and diametral strains needs to be measured in a submerged gauge​.


  • Self-reacting load frame from 10 to 200 kN​
  • Actuator stroke up to 150 mm​
  • Working temperature up to 1100ºC​
  • Encoder based displacement measurements​
  • Virtually noiseless​
  • Green and energy efficient system with in-built UPS for continuous operation​
  • Zero backlash and quiet performance​
  • Speed 5 μm/min to 500 mm/min​
  • User friendly application software​
  • Environment Chamber – option available
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