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Know the Status of your Test Equipment

As testing equipment ages, it is important to maintain an awareness of its lifecycle status and potential for upgrade. Our Lab Health Check survey tool can help you build a successful business case for upgrading old equipment and help you avoid issues caused by old or unreliable machinery that may compromise your lab performance.

Our Lab Health Check survey provides an overview of each machine in your lab and identifies the lifecycle phase of each system’s key components. This allows you to easily identify areas where an upgrade can be most beneficial to the continued health of your systems.


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Safe and reliable equipment is the foundation of good laboratory performance. Start planning today and avoid the inconvenience of unexpected downtime. Take control of maintenance costs and build a strong business case for investing in modern software and electronics.


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In an increasingly competitive world, nobody can afford to jeopardize their productivity by using compromised or outdated equipment. Reliable machinery increases operator safety and satisfaction, reduces test time, and maximizes the potential of your lab.


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There are many cost-effective ways to enhance and upgrade your existing machines to accommodate new materials, applications, and markets. Find out how the latest technology can help you expand your capabilities.


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