axle test

Axle Test System

Axle test rigs are used to reproduce different loads applied to the axle elements when a vehicle is traveling over a variety of road surfaces. Instron can provide models for testing of car, van, truck and bus axles with 6 degree-of-freedom.

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Biaxial Wheel Test

Biaxial Wheel Test System (ZWARP)

The Biaxial Wheel Test (ZWARP) developed by Instron includes an additional hydraulic actuator which allows a controlled and highly accurate adjustment of the angle of attack to produce high lateral forces.

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Component Test

Component Test Systems

Instrons component testing systems are characterized by the highest quality and reliability, ensuring the highest productivity in daily use.

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Clutch Testing

Dynamic Torsion Test System

The dynamic torsion test stand is designed for the operational fatigue testing of torsional vibration dampers under rotational speed.

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Full vehicle test

Full Vehicle Test System

Instron offers comprehensive solutions with and without vehicle restraint, with long- or short-stroke introduction of lateral forces as well as the optional environmental simulation with regard to temperature humidity and sun loading.

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Road Simulator

HYDROPULS® road simulators are a versatile and cost efficient solution for testing load inputs through the tires. They are used to perform durability tests, as well as acoustic and vibration analyses in testing and development (BSR, NVH) on complete vehicles, subsystems and power train assemblies.

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Multi-Axis Shaking Table (MAST)

Multi-axis simulation (MAST) tables are designed for testing of a variety of different specimens in six degrees of freedom. These include components and subassemblies exposed to vibratory loads during vehicle operation; from seats, dashboards and interior equipment components to engine mounts, and cooling modules.

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Shock Absorber Test Systems

Instron's MSP test system is the ideal tool for reliable, fast and realistic tuning of vehicle chassis designs and development of shock absorber systems.

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