A vehicle is subjected to a wide variety of road induced from poor road surfaces or when hitting curbstones or potholes. Vertical induced dynamic have an impact on the lifetime of vehicle components, lead to rattling noises within the passenger compartment, and can significantly impede driving comfort. 

Superimposed environmental loads such as temperature fluctuations, sunlight allow vehicle components to age and wear more quickly than desired by the vehicle developers. An efficient development process requires fast, cost-effective and reproducible results with regard to product life and quality. 

The Instron road simulators are designed to simulate such conditions in the laboratory and are thus an indispensable tool in the modern and productive development process.


With over 200 installed systems, Instron has an outstanding competency in this field of application. Road simulators for cars, trucks, special vehicles and motorsport cars with and without environmental simulation have been successfully installed worldwide. 

On customer's request, road simulators have been developed for use on special vehicles with up to 8 axles. The unique Hydropuls® technology with its highly dynamic and absolutely wear-free cylinders ensures maximum service life and minimum downtime (e.g. for preventive maintenance). Depending on the selection of the servo valve combination on the actuators, cylinder speeds of more than 5 m / sec can be achieved. The Labtronic 8800ml digital control system with the comprehensive and adaptable RS LabSite® modulogic software suite is used in combination with RS TWR (Time Waveform Replication) to simulate various road surfaces. Extensive analysis modules such as: RS Analysis support our users in the assessment and evaluation of test results.

The Instron road simulators are successfully used in the following applications:

  • Durability Testing
  • Noise Vibration and Harshness Testing
  • Ride Comfort
  • End-of-Line quality control
  • Suspension setup for motorsport with downforce-simulation

Optionally the following extensions can be offered:

  • Foundation engineering
  • X-Y positioning devices (Manual or fully automated)
  • Environmental simulation (temperature, humidity and sun light simulation)
  • Wireless remote control for usage inside the car
  • Superimposed longitudinal force introduction
  • Various wheel pans
  • Event-controlled shock absorber cooling

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