Instron interacts with many new product development labs that have a need to validate their new product or component design. Often part of this design validation requires mechanical testing. We have noticed a common need in these research and development labs to perform rapid "what if" analysis during design validation. That is, a test engineer often does not know the test speed, end of test value, etc. before pressing the start button on their Instron frame. Often the mechanical test is iterative and takes a trial-and-error approach. This type of "what if" analysis can be accelerated by using Expression Builder-driven parameters in Instron's Bluehill® 3 Software.


You do not know the test speed or what maximum load you will need to apply to your product. So, you want to try several speeds and loads until the results look correct.

Add these variables as number inputs:
Variable Number Inputs

Using Expression Builder, select the number inputs appropriately for your test:
Expression Builder

Now, in the workspace, you can simply type in different test speeds or maximum load criteria to validate your product taking a trial-and-error approach.
Expression Builder Workspace
Using Expression Builder within Bluehill 3 should expedite your design validation process.

To learn more about the benefits of Expression Builder, this video may be helpful.

Originally posted on October 08, 2014 , Updated On March 23, 2021