In a recent Quality Magazine article, Instron Applications Manager Morgan Galaznik and Biomedical Market Manager Elayne Gordonov discuss the importance of material selection when designing a GR&R study:

One of the questions our applications team is most commonly asked is “Why aren’t my systems producing the exact same results?” Over years of applications consulting, we have found that optimizing the test configuration by instructing labs to use the same method files, implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) and use equivalent test setups is the best way to minimize test result differences. However, application engineers can only do so much as differences do exist in the real world. For example, every mechanical testing system is different, laboratories have different operators using their systems, different samples are actually being tested, and each specimen being tested is prepared with slight differences. There are many sources and reasons that may cause these differences and the sum of the differences may produce an overall error in the test results.

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Originally posted on December 01, 2016 , Updated On March 23, 2021