How to materials testing guides are written by industry experts and include insight into common challenges, industry trends, and best practices that can help you and your lab test simpler, smarter, and safer.

Video Extensometer and Automatic Contacting Extensometer

How to Pick the Right Extensometer

Choosing the right extensometer can be critical for your business. Learn what factors you should consider when exploring the wide range of strain measurement options.

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Automatic Specimen Measurement Device 

Simplifying Specimen Measurement

Learn how automatic specimen measurement devices (ASMD) improve test workflow efficiency and reduce the risk of data entry errors.

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Operator at 34SC Universal Testing System 

Improve Productivity with Choice Inputs

Learn how to maximize efficiency and improve testing workflows with linked choice inputs in Bluehill® software.

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Social Distancing

How to Social Distance in the Lab

A roundup of various materials testing technology that can help adapt your lab to new social distancing guidelines.

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Instron 6800 Series Table Model with Operator Dashboard

How to Clean an Instron

General guidelines for keeping your Instron system clean without damaging surfaces or reducing functionality.

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