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3400 Series Universal Testing Systems

Instron 3400 Series universal testing systems for tensile, compression, bend, and other material property tests.


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Servo-Electric Test System BI-7040

BI-7040 Servo-Electric Test Systems feature high-stiffness, precision-aligned, free annular load frames. The basic system consists of horizontal load frame, servo-electric actuator, force transducer, servo controller and safety interlocks. Wide range of accessories such as grips, displacement transducers, corrosion bath is available. The controller provides required control on stroke, load and strain. These units are designed to suit for Monotonic, Creep, Stress relaxation, Quasi-static tests etc.


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Damper Test Systems Testing Railway Shock Absorbers BI-7080R

The BI-7080R is meant to test shock absorbers used in the tilting position, as used on railway coaches. The machine is used to ensure that assembled parts meet specified performance specifications. It is the result of over seven years of R&D with a focus on harmonizing tilt test requirements.


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Thermo-Mechanical Testing System Combined Thermal and Mechanical Load Testing BI 7020 /40 T MF

Thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF) testing is a complex and demanding strain controlled testing under programmable temperature variations. Instron offers a comprehensive solution for such testing that requires simulating of synchronised heating and cooling of specimens combined with mechanical loading with real time thermal strain compensation. TMF test systems are useful to test the operational efficiency and reliability of turbine components and structures when subjected to simultaneous changes in temperatures and load under laboratory controlled environment. Our state of the art digital servo used with TMF test system envisages independent induction heating and cooling through compressed air and also allows multi zone temperature tracking1. MTL32 proprietary algorithms used with our controllers permit precision heating rates up to 20 °C/s and cooling up to 10 °C/s.


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Nano Test System BI-7000

The Bi-7000 Series test systems are possibly the most cost effective solution to mechanical testing requirements for strength, fatigue and fracture in the 25 kN force range of static and dynamic loading. These stand-alone test systems require no site preparation and no special utilities such as water cooling or even 3-phase supply. Just plug into the closest 15 A mains socket like any other office equipment and the system is ready for use. The systems are ideal for engineering colleges, R&D as well as industry users, searching for a lowcost solution in materials testing.


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Noise Detection Test System BI-7086N

A typical passive vehicle damper is a compromise between handling properties of a car, passenger comfort and safety as well as NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness). The dominant source of noise in today’s vehicles is from the suspension. This knocking noise (a transient of structural noise) is a result of the subtle vibration of chassis components. It occurs due to the vibrations of the piston rod in the shock absorber, making it a key element of a vehicle suspension system. The piston rod vibrations are caused by the continuous opening and closing motion of the valve, valve impacts, dry friction during stroking inversions and fluid cavitation. The purpose of our system (intended to measure the level of piston rod noise as a quality check of shock absorber in a production line) is ultimately to enhance overall vehicle performance, comfort and to facilitate a seamless transportation


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High Force Fatigue Test System BI-7030

The Bi-7030 High Force Fatigue Testing Machines are servo-hydraulic solutions built for testing materials or components at large forces using a four column high stiffness loadframe and a spacious T-slot bed. They are typically used for static and fatigue testing of metals, wire ropes, rebars, rails, concrete and aerospace components


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Medium Force Fatigue Test System BI-7020

The Bi-7020 Series servohydraulic test systems meet practically all the requirements of metals, composites and plastics testing for strength, durability and toughness. It is backed up with a wide choice of application software, transducers and accessories that satisfy most standard test practices.


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BI-7050 Axial-Torsion Servo-Hydraulic Testing System

BI-7050 Axial-Torsion Servo-Hydraulic Testing System meets the challenging demands of various static and dynamic test requirements. The system carries out axial, torsion, or combined axial-torsion tests. With the actuator in the upper crosshead and a lower t-slot table, the system makes an ideal platform for testing a variety of medical devices, biomaterials, advanced materials, and other components testing.


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Damper Test Systems BI-7080

The BI-7080 is the industry’s first high productivity shock absorber / strut / front-fork test system specially designed for use on damper production lines. This damper test system is used to ensure that assembled parts meet specified performance specifications. It is the result of over seven years of R&D with a focus on harmonizing production line test requirements for 2, 3 and 4-wheeler suspension components. Individual features of the damper test system have been tested and proven over this period by all major shoxproducers across the country. Practically every shock absorber and strut produced in the country is tested on our Stroker before being packed for shipment.


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