Why Use a Mechanical Tensioner to Secure Your Load Cell

Mechanical tensioners — also known as Superbolt™, multi-jackbolt tensioners, or super nuts — replace the standard through-bolt used to install 10, 30, and 50 kN load cells on Instron® universal testing machines. They’re an effective means of safely securing your load cell to the testing frame at more manageable torque levels.

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Ring and Pin Features of Instron® 2580 and 2530 Series Load Cells

Instron® designs and manufactures our own load cells to meet the unique requirements of materials testing, including having a high accuracy over a wide measurement range, high stiffness, resistance to offset loads, accurate alignment, and excellent zero stability. In this video, we discuss the unique ring and pin features of the 2580 Series and 2530 Series static load cells that are specifically designed to ensure your load cell is correctly centered and installed in the same place every time you use it.

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