DCPD Measurement for Fracture Toughness and Crack Growth

Measurements based on mechanical compliance are very well established and reliable, but some work requires more complex measurement solutions. Direct current potential drop (DCPD) measurement is the most popular approach to remove the need for moving mechanical contact with the specimen. DCPD is often the preferred option for users who specialize in very high temperature testing, high precision fatigue crack growth studies, or miniature specimens. This webinar provides an introduction to the practicalities of the DCPD measurement technique and how the raw data needs to be handled and analyzed in materials testing.

What you'll learn:

  • Basic principles of the technique
  • Hardware requirements
  • Where it is useful
  • How to analyze the data
  • How Instron and Matelect products help you get good results


  • Dr. Peter Bailey – Principal Scientist, Instron
  • Matthew Waitt – Product Development Specialist, Matelect
  • Dr. Adam Wojcik - Senior Lecturer at University College London and Lead Materials Consultant for Metalect

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