Instron® MT Torsion Testing Machine

Designed primarily for low-capacity (450 µNm - 225 Nm) torsion testing of materials and components, the MT torsion testing systems offer accurate, multi-turn capability, high rotational stiffness, and minimal axial friction. The system torque cell is attached to a movable crosshead, which can be left free-floating or clamped during testing. When left free-floating, the user can apply an axial pre-load to the specimen using a weight and pulley arrangement. Closed-loop servo-control of the electromechanical drive is provided by 5900 Control Electronics and Bluehill Universal Software.


  • Dual linear slide design provides high-rotational stiffness and low-axial friction
  • Adjustable crosshead locking system allows crosshead to be free-floating or fixed during testing
  • Interlocked test space enclosure enhances operator safety
  • Digital control electronics allow for accurate and repeatable test results and fast control response for both torque and angle
  • Torsion testing software offers easy test set up, graphical data plots, automatic calculation of desired test results and flexible reporting tools
  • Torque Cell protection device minimizes the chance of over-ranging low capacity torque cells during test set up
  • Optional axial preload assembly applies a constant tensile or compressive load during test
  • Range of low-capacity torque cells are available down to 0.225 Nm (2 lbf-in)
  • Designed and sized to easily fit on a lab table top

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