Instron® is dedicated to providing current and comprehensive information to our customers though online presentations, discussing new industry trends, solutions to common testing mishaps, and ways to maximize your Instron products for data accuracy and reliability. 

We are excited to share our ongoing calendar of all webinars hosted by Instron. Please check back often for updates.

Date Time Topic  
Tuesday, July 23 11:00 AM EDT New Features in Bluehill Software – July 2024 Releases Register Now
Tuesday, July 30 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM EDT Introducing Instron’s Next Generation Autoinjector Testing System Register for 9:00 AM

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On-Demand Webinars and YouTube Live Sessions
Date Topic
July 2024 Challenges of Elevated Temperature Tensile Testing for Aerospace Metals Watch Now
April 2024 Strain Measurement Solutions for Composite Testing Watch Now
November 2023 Control Charts and Statistics in Bluehill Central’s TrendTracker Module Watch Now
October 2023 Overcoming Mechanical Testing Challenges for EV Battery Material Development and Production Watch Now
October 2023 Demystifying the Evolving Functional Requirements for Drug Delivery Device Design, Validation and Commercialization Watch Now
September 2023 3 Challenges of Testing Plastics Watch Now
September 2023 Introduction to Mechanical Testing for Composites Watch Now
July 2023 Say Goodbye to Testing Hassles: Discover How the MFi Series Support You to Overcome Daily Challenges Watch Now
June 2023 5 Ways to Test Wearable Devices Watch Now
June 2023 All You Need to Know About Melt Flow Testing Watch Now
May 2023 How To Optimize Your Lab Management with Bluehill Central Watch Now 
April 2023 Bluehill 1, 2, & Lite | Your Software's Next Steps Watch Now 
March 2023 Reducing Variability in Composites Testing Watch Now 
March 2023 Bluehill® 3 | Your Software's Next Steps Watch Now 
December 2022 How To Configure Named Transducers in Bluehill Universal Watch Now 
November 2022 Automation Potential in the Biomedical Industry Watch Now 
November 2022 Partner Software | Why It’s Time to Upgrade Watch Now 
November 2022 Increasing Lab Efficiency, Reducing Risk with Bluehill Central Watch Now 
October 2022 Report Output and Creation with Instron Bluehill Universal Watch Now 
September 2022 Advanced Bluehill Capabilities With Variables Watch Now 
September 2022 Force and Strain | What You Need to Know Watch Now 
August 2022 Slack Correction vs Preload Watch Now 
June 2022 Retrofitting and Modernizing Legacy Testing Equipment Watch Now 
May 2022 Introducing TrendTracker for Bluehill Central Watch Now 
May 2022 Tips and Tricks for Testing Composites Watch Now 
May 2022 Expert Tips for Testing Electronics Watch Now 
April 2022 Instron Live | Enabling Security and Creating Accounts in Bluehill Universal Watch Now 
March 2022 Instron Live | Help File in Bluehill Universal Watch Now 
March 2022 DCPD Measurement for Fracture Toughness and Crack Growth Watch Now 
March 2022 Impact Pendulum Testing Challenges and Trends Watch Now 
February 2022 Instron Live | Data Capture Rate in Bluehill Universal Watch Now 
December 2021 How to Expand Your Testing Capabilities with "Piggybacking" Watch Now 
December 2021 Introducing Bluehill Central Watch Now 
December 2021 Bluehill Live | Inserting Images into Prompted Tests Watch Now 
November 2021  HDT and Vicat Testing Challenges and Trends: Q&A with Andrea Calzolari Watch Now 
November 2021 Bluehill Live | Tips and Tricks for Using an Automatic Specimen Measurement Device Watch Now
October 2021 Instron® Live | Testing Drug Delivery Devices Watch Now
October 2021 Bluehill Live | Using Choice Inputs Watch Now
September 2021 A Guide to Composites Fracture Toughness and Sandwich Construction Testing Watch Now
September 2021 Advanced Features for Bluehill Universal Watch Now
June 2021 Tips for Simpler and Safer Testing in Quality Control Environments Watch Now
June 2021 Charpy Impact Testing Essentials Watch Now
June 2021 Adapting a Universal Testing System for Medical Device Testing Watch Now
April 2021 The Challenges of Composites Testing Watch Now
March 2021 How to Mitigate the Risk of Product Failure by Optimizing your Lab’s Materials Testing Software Watch Now
February 2021 Tips for Testing at Non-Ambient Temperatures Watch Now
February 2021 Axial-Torsion Testing for Biomedical Applications Watch Now
November 2020 Getting Things Straight - Alignment for Materials Testing Watch Now
October 2020 An Introduction to Fracture Testing Watch Now
August 2020 Advanced Strain Solutions for Biomedical Testing Watch Now
August 2020 Biomedical Fatigue Applications
Using ElectroDynamic Test Systems
Watch Now
August 2020 Protecting Data Integrity &
Having Traceability in your Testing
Watch Now
August 2020 Ask the Experts | Biomedical Testing Q&A Session Watch Now
August 2020 Critical Requirements of Materials Testing
Systems in Regulated Environments
Watch Now
August 2020 Test Method Optimization:
Getting the Most Out of Your Software
Watch Now
August 2020 The 6800 Series and Systems
for Advanced Biomedical Applications
Watch Now
August 2020 Development and Production Tests for Vascular Stents Watch Now
August 2020 PPE Testing in the Age of COVID-19 Watch Now
August 2020 The Last Layer of the Force Calibration “Onion”;
Uncertainties of Measurement & Statements of Conformance
Watch Now
July 2020 Learn the Basics of Bluehill Universal Watch Now
July 2020 Strain Measurement for Sheet Metal Testing
and Eliminating r-Value Variability
Watch Now
July 2020 Composite Fatigue Testing Watch Now
June 2020 Force Calibration Beyond ASTM and ISO Standards:
What Is It and Why It Matters
Watch Now
June 2020 Bluehill Impact Software:
Run Drop Tower impact tests with minimal effort
Watch Now
June 2020 Automated XY Testing with Bluehill® Universal Watch Now
June 2020 Converting Tensile Tests into Digital Data:
Data Rate & Bandwidth
Watch Now
June 2020 ASTM A370-19:
Common Challenges and What's Changed
Watch Now
May 2020 Steps to an Optimized, Automated Lab Watch Now
May 2020 Calibration vs. Verification:
What's the Difference?
Watch Now
May 2020 Pen and Autoinjectors: Testing for the Future Watch Now
May 2020 Q&A Session | Composite Laminate Testing Watch Now
April 2020 How to Increase Testing Throughput and Lower Variation Watch Now
April 2020 A Revolutionary Tuning Method For Fatigue Test Systems Watch Now
April 2020 Introducing the Next Generation of Universal Testing Systems Watch Now
April 2020 Composite Laminate Testing Essentials Watch Now
April 2020 How Instron is Helping in the Fight Against COVID-19 Watch Now
March 2020 How Instron Service is Responding to COVID-19 Watch Now
January 2020 Introducing Bluehill® Universal’s Traceability Module Watch Now
December 2018 Improve Data Integrity with
Bluehill Universal's Enhanced Security
Watch Now
September 2018 Upgrade Your Drop Tower
for Improved Flexibility, Accuracy, and Safety
Watch Now
September 2018 Syringe & Drug Delivery Device Testing 101 Watch Now
February 2018 How to Get the Most Out of Your
Testing Setup with Bluehill Universal
Watch Now
October 2017 20 Ways to Test a Syringe  Watch Now
October 2017  3 Reasons to Get a Lab Health Check Watch Now
April 2017 Bluehill Universal: Next Generation Software Watch Now
November 2016 How Automatic Extensometers
Can Deliver Consistent Results
Watch Now
October 2016 Common Sources of Data Error
in the Biomedical Industry
Watch Now
October 2016 Instron Product Life Cycle:
Support, Risks and Options
Watch Now
October 2016 Top 5 Tips to Achieve
Accurate Test Results - Europe
Watch Now
October 2016 Top 5 Tips to Achieve Accurate Test Results Watch Now
August 2016 The NEW ISO 6892-1:2016;
Understanding "Method A"
Watch Now
June 2016 Advanced Polymer Rheology  Watch Now
June 2016 DIC -Testing Composites in Automotive
and Biomedical Industries 
Watch Now
June 2016 An Introduction to DIC
for New Product Development
Watch Now
May 2016 Pendulum Impact Testing: Tips & Tricks  Watch Now
May 2016 HDT Testing: Improving Laboratory Efficiency  Watch Now
April 2016 Effectively Searching, Analyzing
and Sharing your Test Results
Watch Now
March 2016  Introduction to Melt Flow Testing  Watch Now
March 2016
Basic Concepts of Polymer Rheology Watch Now