Instron Installation & Relocation

New, relocated, or upgraded testing systems will often require support for site preparation, physical installation, training, and traceable verification at your site.

We have designed a full range of installation and system start up services to address these needs. Training services are typically included when you purchase an Instron® system to assure successful handover to your staff and the start-up of testing operations. Calibration, verification, and IQOQ services are available to address specific installation, relocation and/or start-up needs.

Beginning with the configuration of your Instron system, your sales engineer will work with you to discuss installation site requirements, site preparation, physical installation, calibration requirements, and necessary staff training. To meet ASTM, ISO or other requirements, verification will typically be required following installation.

Our installation and start-up team is trained and supported by factory engineering and calibration teams.

Site Preparation Guidance and Services

  • Guidance on foundations/flooring
  • Suitability of benches and electrical/pneumatic supply requirements
  • Access assessment if the equipment is being placed a distance from the delivery point (e.g. door heights and corridor widths)
  • Special attention to instruments requiring sensitive movement

For larger servohydraulic-operated testing systems requiring hydraulic supplies with specialized cooling requirements we can provide hydraulic pipe-work services and guidance on best practices to minimize environmental and energy impact.

  • Support services and documentation to address IQOQ process requirements
  • Guidance regarding unpacking, off-loading, movement, positioning and leveling of equipment
  • Services connections support

We will work with your Site Facilities staff to connect the testing equipment to required services that may include electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and cooling water services for larger testing systems. Additionally, we will review with you the fitting and installation of accessories purchased with your system.

Calibration Cycle and Preventive Maintenance

We will review with you recommended calibration and preventive maintenance schedules. If calibration and verification services have been purchase these services will be performed at installation and calibration certificates documenting traceable system calibration of load cells, extensometers and other measurement accessories will be provided to support ASTM and ISO standards compliance.

Startup training

Training at time of installation and/or relocation will include the basic operation of the machine and software fundamentals. Our more complex software solutions include in depth programming training which can be scheduled close to or at the time of installation. We provide additional standard and customized training courses that may be delivered at your site, regionally, or at our centralized training centers.