We were asked to determine the breaking loads at various elevated temperatures, also known as hot tensile testing.

For this test, we chose an Industrial Series 300DX system with a Model SF-16 split furnace for use in the upper tension test space (The SF-16 furnace can also be mounted on a 5900 Series Universal Test System). We used the standard mounting to allow the SF-16 to swing out of the test space when it is not being used for room temperature testing. Even with this configuration we were still able to conduct compression testing in the lower space. The furnace provides a 3 x 11 inch heat zone for up to 2200° F (1204.4° C). We also chose a Three Zone Temperature Control System to control the electrical power to each zone for variable temperature development. The controller accepts Type K thermocouple signals for temperature indication in the controller.

The hot tensile load train requires the use of a spherical tension rod assembly with M48 x 2 male threading. We chose 20,000 lb capacity quick-change adapters that attach to the tension rods. Our high-temperature load train includes (2) pull rods and threaded holders in order to pull a 3/8-16 threaded end specimen. The quick change button is placed on one end of the pull rod for placement in each quick change adapter and the threaded holders are placed on the other end. The applicable Partner™ Materials Testing Software tensile test method can then be applied once the desired temperature has been reached.

Hot tensile data can be compared to room temperature results to determine the effects of temperature on the alloy. The data can then be referenced when considering this 1018 steel alloy for various design applications.

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