It is important to test and compare composite properties as the material becomes an evermore popular engineering material. Composites perform and withstand damage in a different way to traditional engineering materials and suitable ways to assess a composites performance are required. Some Aerospace companies have developed their own standards for suppliers to test and conform to. Instron supplies compression after impact fixtures conforming to BSS 7260 and AITM-0010.

The test piece is a rectangular sample of composite material which has already been subject to an impact force. See the testing solution and product notes on Ceast Model 9350 or search the composite testing solutions page for details on impact testing. The impacted test piece is placed into the after impact test fixture and a compressive load applied. The load at which the piece fails can be compared to an un-impacted compression strength to determine the specimens residual strength.

Instron is able to provide a complete composite testing solution including Ceast Impact machines, Instron 3400 and 6800 Electomechanical testing machines and numerous fixtures that all conform to many composite standards including ASTM, ISO, Airbus, Boeing and national standards.

Please contact your local office for more details on composite and compression after impact fixtures.

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