In today’s fast moving and ever-evolving electronics market, competition forces OEMs to constantly push the boundaries of innovation to deliver smaller, thinner, and lighter products, without sacrificing quality or safety. As electronic devices become more compact and complex, OEMs and their supply chains have had to miniaturize sub-level components, while also utilizing high density packaging. This exposes the mechanical risk of failure and can impact the quality of products reaching the consumer.

Manufacturers face critical decisions throughout the entire product development process and post production for quality assurance. As a total solutions provider, Instron offers a range of solutions for testing consumer electronic devices, microelectronic components, and general applications, helping industry experts extract key performance insights that enable them to make informed decisions at every stage.

When Selecting a Testing System for Electronics Applications

Systems for Testing Electronic Devices and Components

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Fixtures, load cells and environmental chambers can be added to any Instron system to adapt to changing product development and market requirements.

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The average life of Instron systems is over two decades, ensuring our customers can be confident in their investment.

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Ease of Use

Instron customers trust that any new system is intuitive and easy to use for an operator of all skill levels for any application.

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Instron makes our own sensors from load cells to extensometers, ensuring optimum system performance.

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Application Expertise

With dozens of members on standards committees such as ASTM and ISO, Instron stays at the forefront of application expertise.

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Bluehill Universal equipped with the Operator Dashboard allows for a small physical footprint on an Instron system. This small footprint allows labs to save space, stay organized, and keep clean.

Customer satisfaction relies on devices being durable, withstanding demanding daily use, and often misuse. Mobile devices have become indispensable and users expect touchscreens, buttons, and batteries to work reliably. Laptop keyboards and screens are critical to functionality, whether for business, academia or personal use. Consumer products must also withstand the daily accidents to which they are subjected, such as dropping mobile devices, bending headphones, and forceful pulling in power cables. Mechanical testing can simulate these events as companies design better, more robust products.

As devices get smaller, so do the components used in their assembly. Instron systems offer the strain and load cell precision to accurately test miniature sub-level components. A range of specialized grips and fixtures allows tensile, flexure, tensile, compression, shear, and torsion testing on printed circuit board (PCB) materials, components and adhesives. Tests can range from characterizing copper clad laminates for printed boards, to micro compression testing of integrated circuits, to flexural fatigue on fully populated PCBs.

Electronics components are used in many applications, including the medical, automotive, and energy industries. Selecting the proper materials, adhesives and packaging and the evaluation of component and product reliability requires a range of mechanical tests.

For Electronics Applications

6800 Series Universal Testing Machines

6800 Series
Universal Testing System

Commonly used to perform tensile, compression, peel, and bend tests up to 50 kN force capacity on consumer electronics, microelectronics, and general applications.

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XY Stage for Multi-Point Compression Testing

Static Automated
XY Stage Testing System

This automated XY stage allows operators to perform multi-point compression, flex and tension testing on a variety of consumer devices and electronic components.

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Torsion Testing of Flexible PCB

Torsion Add-On
for Biaxial Testing

Commonly used to reduce product development time and simulate real-world applications of products such as PCBs and screens.

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ElectroPuls E1000 Dynamic and Fatigue Testing System

ElectroPuls® All-Electric Dynamic
and Fatigue Testing System

Perform high-frequency fatigue testing to evaluate the durability of consumer products, microelectronic subassemblies and other electronic components.

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E3000 with Automated XY Stage Testing System

ElectroPuls Automated
XY Stage Testing System

This dynamic automated XY stage allows you to perform multi-point compression, flex and tension testing on a variety of consumer devices and electronic components.

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9400 Series Drop Towers

9400 Series Vertical
Impact Testing Systems

These drop tower testing systems are commonly used to replicate real life impacts on electronic devices and LCD glass substrates.

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