Semi-Automated Auto-Injector Test System

The Instron® semi-automated auto-injector test fixture is designed for use with the 6800 and 5900 test systems and Bluehill® Universal Software with the TestProfiler module, which allows the system to measure cap removal, syringe activation force, injection time, injection mass, and lock out force of the needle shield in a single test method.

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  • 10/23/2020
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3119-160 Furnace POD

The Instron 3119-160 is a 3 Zone Split Tube Furnace with a side entry extensometer port. It is manufactured with a wire-wound element for maximum operation up to 1200°C (2200°F). The elements are uniquely formed to provide optimum temperature uniformity, ensuring conformance with testing standards such as ASTM E21, ISO 6892-2, EN10002-5, and EN2002-2.

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  • 10/7/2020
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MT MicroTorsion Series Medium Capacity Torsion Testing Systems

Instron medium-capacity MT MicroTorsion systems are available in capacities ranging from 565 to 5,650 N-m (5,000 to 50,000 lb-in).

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  • 9/22/2020
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Hydraulic Power Units 3520 POD

Hydraulic Power Units 3520

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  • 9/17/2020
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2718-550 Hydraulic Grip Pump

The Instron® 2718-550 hydraulic grip pump is designed for continuous 24/7 operation for both manual and automated testing systems in industrial environments

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  • 9/2/2020
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Bluehill Fracture Brochure

As a leading supplier of testing equipment for crack propagation and fracture toughness, Instron are aware of the challenges users face in reducing both the complexity and time taken to produce accurate, repeatable results. The Bluehill Fracture software package addresses these challenges.

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  • 8/25/2020
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