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7 Tips For Materials Testing

Pamphlet of 20 pages that explains seven tips for tests of materials.


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MicroImpact White Paper

White paper discussing fundamental theories of board level drop impact testing and a study of the fracture characteristics of solder interconnections under high-speed impact using Instron's new Micro Impact tester.


Whitepapers 5/19/2005 442.9 KB

New Development in Testing for Microelectronics

A review of developments in testing technology in the context of fracture test methodologies proposed and underdevelopment for measurement of interfacial properties.


Whitepapers 4/29/2005 456.3 KB

Micromechanical Testing in Microelectronics

A detailed knowledge of the mechanical properties is required in order to ensure good process yields and reliable products.


Whitepapers 2/28/2005 97.6 KB

Effects of Temp. Changes on Elastomer Seals

Article from: Elastomer Seal Performance, January 2002.


Whitepapers 2/21/2005 124.6 KB

Interfacial Cracking in Microelectronic Packaging

New techniques based on Fracture Mechanics principles for properties in mode I, II and mixed mode fracture offer the ability to determine the fundamental materials and interfacial properties needed to properly model package designs.


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