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Hip Femoral Fatigue Fixture ISO 7206

The hip femoral fatigue fixture was specifically designed to meet the enhanced requirements of ISO 7206-4. The fixture simulates the fatigue loading of a hip stem during a gait cycle.


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Spinal Fixtures ASTM F1717 - CP113023

During normal patient activity, spinal constructs can be subjected to high in vivo loading that can result in catastrophic failure. Spinal injuries often occur due to rotation, dislocation, bending, and axial loading


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Tensile Testing of Sutures using the SVE in a Temperature-Controlled Bath

Sutures are widely used in the biomedical industry. They are used in a variety of surgical procedures to allow for wound closure and aid in tissue healing. Sutures are manufactured from various different absorbable and nonabsorbable materials, and may be single filament or braided with or without a coating. There are some challenges in testing sutures. Loading the specimen alone can pose problems as some sutures are delicate and require a low amount of force to fracture. Also, some sutures are used inside wounds and are constantly in a hydrated environment.


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Tensile Testing of Thin-Walled Surgical Tubing with a Long Travel Extensometer

Surgical tubing is used in a wide variety of applications, such as drains, feeding tubes, irrigation and surgical procedures, and therefore comes in many shapes and sizes. The mechanical performance of the material used is critical, as failure could seriously endanger a patient. Tensile tests are frequently performed in product development and quality control to evaluate properties of material strength and strain at break.


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AutoX750 – Should the extensometer be left on the specimen through failure?

This flyer explains the differences between: percentage of total extension at fracture (At); percentage elongation after fracture (A); Non-Proportional Elongation (NPE); and the benefits of using an Automatic Extensometer when testing to ISO 6892-1:2009 for metals applications.


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Industrial Series | DX Compression-Only Models

The Industrial Series DX Compression-Only Models – ideal for testing metals, concrete, asphalt and soil specimens – features a large test space and single footprint that saves valuable lab floor space, utilizes special fixtures for stabilometer and moisture exudation testing, and increases operator productivity and comfort.


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Solutions for Reinforcement Bar Testing

Due to changing demands in the construction industry, rebar manufacturers may see an increase in requirements, the use of stainless steel grades, and additional needs for mechanical couplers. Instron offers solutions to these challenges that may affect the current testing programs.


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Solutions for Pipe and Tube

Instron testing systems are designed to meet the these challenges-- Like Suitable Strain Measurement, Impact Testing High-Strength Materials, Testing Full Section Pipe/Tube, Specimen Geometry-- as the Pipe and Tube Industry moves towards the facilitation of global standarization.


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Tensile Testing of Surgical Sutures

Sutures are used in a variety of different surgical procedures to close wounds and aid in tissue healing. They are manufactured from a variety of different absorbable and non-absorbable materials, and may be a single filament or braided with or without a coating. Tensile strength is a critical measure of performance during and after surgical procedures.


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Tensile Testing of Hypodermic Needles

Hypodermic needles are usually manufactured out of stainless steel and the material and design must be tested to evaluate the needle’s maximum tensile strength and yield strength.


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