Instron® Professional Services CEAST Melt Flow and HDT Vicat Verification Services

Preventative maintenance and verification of your Melt Flow or HDT Vicat Testing System helps avoid potential risk exposure from inaccurate test results that can affect the quality of your product to market.To report accurate and repeatable results, it is important to ensure your materials testing system is operating at peak performance and verified in conformance with the relevant material testing standards.

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  • 7/7/2014
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Instron® Professional Services | ElectroPuls™ Performance Verification

Instron Professional Services’ Performance Verification — an on-site service that is carried out by a qualified and trained Instron engineer – ensures that your dynamic materials testing instrument is operating at peak performance and delivering assured quality test results.

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  • 6/2/2014
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Instron Verification and Calibration Services in North America

We offer an extensive range of verification services in addition to force including strain, speed, displacement, alignment, impact, torque, temperature, and hardness, as well as dimensional verification of impact and CEAST® system components. Many of our calibration and verification services are available for non-Instron materials testing equipment.

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  • 3/13/2014
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Instron® Professional Services Impact Calibration - Pendulum

Many tests performed on pendulum impact systems must adhere to International testing standards that include materials test method and testing laboratory competence requirements. The verification and calibration of your pendulum system ensures your testing (and laboratory) is in compliance to these standards. A calibrated pendulum impact system will also provide confidence that you are reporting accurate, traceable, and repeatable results.

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  • 2/11/2014
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Hydraulic Hose Replacement

Hoses can often be the forgotten part of hydraulic systems, but their performance and condition can have a critical impact on not only the system performance, but also on the health and safety of your facilities and staff. Most laboratories will have their own periodic inspection program as part of the site’s health and safety policy. Early indications of an impending catastrophic hose failure, such as blistering, fitting weep, and chaffing, will often be detected then, or as part of Instron’s professional routine system maintenance. This specialised maintenance will also detect more subtle failure, such as the erosion of the internal hose wall, that can have a marked impact on the performance of the system, especially in such areas as the servo valve.

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  • 1/14/2014
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Instron® Professional Services Software Support

New Software Support from Instron® Professional Services Features Unlimited phone, email, and online support from Instron’s qualified and experienced engineers Instron’s remote secure online assistance offers: • Instant help as if the engineer was sitting right next you • An easy-to-use customer interface enabling prompt access to live assistance sessions • Sessions where you control the screen sharing • Troubleshooting or diagnostic help to resolve an issue • Intuitive help, allowing you to see and learn how we support your situation • Guidance with test method development and set up Free software updates Free issue of replacement discs and user manuals 30% discount on new version software for each system under contract agreement

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  • 10/21/2013
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