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Expansion Channel Module for 5900 Series Testing Systems

The Expansion Channel Module, Model 2210-920, allows users to add up to eight channels of signal conditioning and control. As an add-on to a basic 5900 system -- configured for load, extension, and up to three additional channels -- the Expansion Module provides up to a total of 13 transducers for simultaneous monitoring, feedback, and control. (Bluehill® 3 required)


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2810 Series Flexure Fixture (2810-206)

2810 Series Flexure Fixture Catalog number 2810-206


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Debris Shield Single Column Table Model

To protect operators without harming usability, Instron has developed new shields for tabletop and single column systems.


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Traceability Module for Bluehill Universal

Bluehill Universal’s Traceability Module enables users to meet the audit requirements associated with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 17025, NADCAP, A2LA, and other accrediting bodies. Through seamless integration of electronic signatures and approvals, file revision history, and an automated, secure audit trail, this powerful add-on provides unmatched data traceability.


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Drop Tower impact testing for CAI

To properly understand the performance of Composites, one of the most broadly used methods is the CAI (Compression After Impact) test. Low energy impacts can be considered the most dangerous since the damage they cause can be complex and affect all plies of the structure from matrix and fiber crack to delamination. To ensure a level of high quality and compliance with safety standards, impact testing is a key in gathering knowledge as to how these materials behave and may be damaged when impacted.


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6800 Series Universal Testing Systems

Instron 6800 Series Universal Testing Systems provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Built on a patent-pending Operator Protect system architecture with an all-new Smart-Close Air Kit and Collision Mitigation features, the 6800 Series makes materials testing simpler, smarter, and safer than ever before.


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9400 Series Drop Tower Brochure

Instron Drop Towers are used to develop, fine tune, and validate material models. Testing materials under real impact conditions is a crucial step prior of product design. Using the characterization data obtained with the Instron 9400, coupled with customer supplied high-speed video, you can have confidence in your results and deliver new materials to your customers faster. Our Drop Tower impact systems, fixtures, and tups are designed to meet a wide range of applications and testing standards including: ISO, ASTM, ANSI, Airbus, Boeing, BSI, DIN, EN, FDA, Ford, GM, JIS, NASA, GOST, and more.


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Bluehill Elements Software

Built on the Bluehill software platform, Bluehill Elements™ meets the requirements of simple tension, compression, flexure, peel, and tear testing.


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Manual Wedge Action Grips 2716-00x and 2736-00x Series

The manual wedge action grip is designed for easy specimen loading, alignment, and positioning. After initial face to specimen contact, gripping force will increase as the testing load increases. Virtually no preload is seen during specimen clamping due to the design of the moving grip bodies. This makes them particularly suitable for testing high strength materials, such as metals and composites, ensuring that specimen slippage is eliminated.


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Bluehill Impact Brochure


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