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Compressive Strength and Shelf Life of Teflon Pellets

A manufacturer of ammunition pellets used in a variety of firearms uses an Instron® electromechanical test system to evaluate the compressive strength of the pellets and the type of deformation they exhibit under load. Further, the shelf life of these pellets must also be quantified in order to guarantee performance over time.


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Calculation of Poisson's Ratio for Foam Used in Space Shuttle Construction

Characterization of the mechanical properties of materials used in space flight is at the forefront of research and development activities for NASA. One such test required the calculation of Poisson's Ratio, a measure of a material's compressibility, on foam material used in the construction of space shuttles in accordance with ASTM D 1623, "Standard test method for tensile and tensile adhesion properties of rigid cellular materials".


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Unique Compression Method for Evaluating Pillow Comfort

Evaluation of a pillow's comfort or firmness has historically relied on surveys completed by employees or customers' feedback. In an attempt to quantify these measures of comfort, one pillow manufacturer delivered several pillow specimens to Instron® to explore testing configurations that could produce repeatable data to correlate with that generated from the customer and employee surveys.


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Reduction of Inertial Effects Resulting from High-Speed, Low-Force Testing

There are two common challenges in conducting high-speed, low-force testing. The first challenge is overcoming the inertial force resulting from acceleration of the upper grip and the crosshead. The second challenge is to reduce the amplitude of the resonant frequency resulting from the combination of a high rate of crosshead extension and the grips and load cell used. The purpose of this testing was to isolate these issues and provide a solution for minimizing their effects.


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Coefficient of Friction of Paper Used in a Copy Machine

A manufacturer of copy paper needs to investigate the cause of copy machine failure as a result of frequent paper jams. A Coefficient of Friction (COF) test was recommended to measure the static and kinetic coefficients of friction between two sheets of paper. Because no specific testing standard outlines a method for this type of material, ASTM D 1894 "Standard Test Method for Static and Kinetic Coefficient of Friction of Plastic Film and Sheeting" was followed.


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Ball Burst Test in Accordance with ASTM D 6797

Four different fabric samples were tested using a ball burst fixture in accordance with ASTM D 6797 to measure the burst strength of each and compare values between samples. The test was used to investigate the effect of different chemical treatments on the mechanical properties of the fabric.


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ASTM D 882 - Tensile Testing of Thin Plastic Sheeting

Tensile testing of thin plastic sheeting in accordance with ASTM D 882 is a common testing requirement for many Instron customers. Gripping of these delicate specimens is the prevalent challenge in most tests. The gripping technique must prevent slipping of the material at high loads but not tear into the material and cause premature specimen failure.


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Flexural Strength of Coated Fabrics Using the Miniature 3-Point Bend Fixture

A manufacturer of coated fabrics is interested in evaluating the effect of a particular coating on the flexural properties of fabric material. Four different coated fabric samples were delivered to the Instron® demonstration laboratory for evaluation.All testing was conducted in accordance with ASTM D 790.


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Tensile Testing of Textile Fabrics in Accordance with ASTM D5034

Tensile testing on textile fabrics used in the automotive industry using a grab test in accordance with ASTM D 5034.


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Puncture Tests On Plastic Containers

Application Report to briefly assess the ability of the HandHeld Mechanical Tester to perform puncture tests on disposable plastic containers. This was done quickly, without any special fixturing, for demonstration purposes only. - POD_AR_Puncture_OO1A_0902


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