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Posted By Sarah Jastram

 Sep 30, 2013


Simulating a Spring with the ElectroPuls

As the number of patients seeking “in-home” medical care grows larger, medical device companies find themselves catering to an increasing demand for safer, more user-friendly biomedical solutions.

Posted By David Fry

 Sep 25, 2013


Upper Yield Calculations—Discontinuous Yielding/YPE Material

Following a recent lab visit, I thought it was worth writing a quick post to share an example of how labs sometimes incorrectly calculate yield strength. While visiting a testing lab for unrelated issues, my colleagues and I were discussing how the customer runs both continuous and discontinuous material with the same method (Non-YPE and YPE). For historical reasons, they have updated their Series IX methods to Bluehill 3 with little knowledge of why, when or by whom the methods were setup.

Posted By Janice Tan

 Sep 13, 2013


What Does Load Measurement Accuracy of 0.5% of Reading Down to 1/100th, 1/500th, 1/1000th of a Load Cell's Capacity Imply?

So what does a larger load accuracy range mean to you? Read more about some of the benefits you will see: