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Posted On Jul 28, 2015


Steel Reinforcement Bar: A Tensile Testing Guide

Jeff Shaffer, Manager of Product Marketing and Management for the Instron® Industrial Products Group, talks with Advanced Materials & Processes (AM&P) about how critical understanding the basics of tensile testing is to ensure product quality of steel reinforcing bar, or rebar.

Posted By Elayne (Schneebacher) Gordonov

 Jul 21, 2015


Simulating Body Temperature When Testing Biomedical Devices and Materials

Biomedical testing allows for these materials and devices to be tested in vitro so patients are not put at risk, but if you’ve done any biomedical testing in the past, you know that there can be many challenges along the way.

Posted On Jul 09, 2015


Building a Business Case for Modernisation: An Interview with Nick Shrubsall

Our own Nick Shrubsall, Product and Marketing Manager for Instron’s Dynamic Upgrades and Accessories business, talks to AZoM about their Lab Health Check campaign for upgrading old equipment and helping improve reliability, productivity and capability.

Posted On Jul 01, 2015


Updates to Metals Testing Standards

Discover how and why recent updates to testing standards for metals, including ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E8/8M, have occurred for measuring strain.