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Posted By Denise Czerpak

 Dec 30, 2013


Instron Year in Review

We've created a Year in Review to highlight exciting moments of 2013.

Posted By David Fry

 Dec 30, 2013


Metals Tensile Testing Standards: ISO 6892-1, ASTM E8/8M for Strain Control

Brief introduction into some of the changes and updates to both the ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E8/8M tensile testing standards for metals and ambient temperature.

Posted On Dec 26, 2013


Testing Metals to ASTM E8 with an Automatic Contacting Extensometer

The ASTM E8 standard describes tensile testing methods to determine yield strength, yield point elongation, tensile strength, elongation, and reduction of area for metals. It applies to metallic materials in any form: sheet, plate, wire, rod, bar, pipe, and tube.

Posted By Sarah Jastram

 Dec 12, 2013


Energy-Controlled Impulse Testing of Shoes

Shoe and shoe material manufacturers alike must be able to prove that their products will withstand a substantial amount of wear and tear before releasing them to market. Useful in this analysis is the ability to simulate the impact of a runner on the sole of a shoe. During a typical gait cycle, these impacts can be higher than 3kN for an adult runner. In addition to controlling the load with which an impact is generated, researchers may also wish to control the energy which is generated as a result of the impact. A testing machine, which can successfully cater to these requirements, must be able to create and maintain a repeatable impact of a certain energy over a prolonged number of cycles.