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Posted On Jan 31, 2012


Grip it Right

Gripping a specimen correctly is important if you want to acquire accurate test data. To most test operators, this is second nature.

Posted On Jan 31, 2012


Predicting the Properties of Virtual Materials

Historically, the properties of any new material have had to be determined empirically. It can take many years to transition a material from discovery to a commercial product, which is too slow, given the range of urgent problems that advanced materials can help us solve.

Posted On Jan 31, 2012


Question from a Customer

Q. What is a “Virtual Measurement”? A. Materials testing software uses two types of measurements to provide results or input for result calculations; physical measurements and virtual measurements.

Posted By Denise Czerpak

 Jan 27, 2012


Protecting Mobile Devices from Impact Damage

I find it difficult to walk down the street, or in the mall, without having to move out of the way to avoid bumping into someone who is looking down at their phone - either playing games, sending a message, or watching a video. And during seminars, I notice that more and more attendees are not only bringing their laptops and smartphones, but also have in their bags a touchpad. Technology is evolving and conveniently giving us the world at our fingertips ....

Posted On Jan 24, 2012


Creation of a New Generation of Testing Instruments: Part 2

Last week, we introduced a little bit of history into our blog by discussing the need to develop a testing instrument that could accurately test the new thermoplastic material of parachutes back in the 1940's .... Below, we finish the conversation by talking about the technology developed more than 50 years ago.

Posted On Jan 19, 2012


Creation of a New Generation of Testing Instruments

Not too long ago, Joe Amaral presented at the ASTM week on the creation of testing systems and how Instron came to be. Taking his generous synopsis, I've broken it down into 2 parts. We'd enjoy hearing from you and your first experience testing on a system.

Posted By Chirag Patel

 Jan 17, 2012


Race Ahead of Strain Measurements

In the composites community, getting accurate strain readings is especially important. To properly assess the strength and material properties of a given carbon fiber laminate, strain measurements must be done properly and accurately.

Posted On Jan 13, 2012


What is the Impact on an Airplane Wing?

Imagine this: You are sitting on a plane getting ready to take off and you see a mechanic working on the wing of the plane you are in. The mechanic is making some last minute checks when he or she accidentally drops a wrench on the wing that puts a sizable dent on the surface of the wing. It's instances like this that Compression After Impact (CAI) testing is done. After performing this type of test, a composite manufacturer can fully understand the structural affects that any impact would on a given material.

Posted On Jan 11, 2012


Sometimes You Never Know Where This Job Will Take You

Have you ever seen or tested on an Instron 8150 frame? Well, if not, they are huge.

Posted On Jan 06, 2012


Tennis and Composites – What’s the Connection?

Can you imagine playing tennis with a heavy wooden racquet? Well, back in the 14th century, when the first tennis racquets were used, this is exactly what players had to use. With a limited “sweet spot” and a heavier weight overall, these racquets were cumbersome to use

Posted On Jan 04, 2012


A How-To Lesson with Dan Raynor

Watch as Dan explains how to eliminate load string compliance in a tensile test.