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Posted On Dec 08, 2015


Increase Efficiency Without Sacrificing Safety

An Instron geotextile customer was conducting materials testing nearly around the clock. They were not able to keep up with demand and were building another plant to respond to the market. The company had a positive experience with their current Instron testing system and wanted to invest in another for the new plant, but with shorter test intervals.

Posted On Nov 09, 2015


Overcoming Sheet Metal Testing Challenges

With a wide range of applications varying from white goods, automotive, and aerospace applications, sheet metals are often high in strength relative to their cross section area. It’s important to note that formability and ductility is also crucial, for which the common testing requirements are similar across applications. Explore the challenges in sheet metal testing.

Posted On Oct 29, 2015


Volunteering as Farmers for a Day

Before the weather turns cold, Instron took part in helping a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm to prepare for the winter season.

Posted On Oct 13, 2015


Instron Supports MassChallenge Startups

MassChallenge’s mission is clear: Catalyze a startup renaissance.  The organization’s model serves as the largest startup accelerator in the world to help early-stage entrepreneurs succeed with no equity required and financial prizes awarded. When entrepreneurs are empowered to challenge old conventions and create new value, a startup renaissance begins.

Posted On Oct 06, 2015


AT3 for Automation: Small Footprint, Powerful Capability

Suzanne de Lemos-Williams, Senior Automation Applications Engineer, has a broad knowledge of materials testing programs, especially rubbers and elastomers. At this year’s International Tire Exhibition & Conference (ITEC), she had the opportunity to present to lab managers and technicians in the tire manufacturing industry.

Posted On Sep 04, 2015


Step-by-Step Tutorial on Using Melt Flow Tester to ISO 1133 and ASTM D1238

Looking for step-by-step instructions to perform a melt flow test? This video provides a tutorial to set up and perform a melt flow test with the Instron® MF20 Melt Flow Tester.

Posted On Aug 27, 2015


Importance of Medical Packaging Standards

"The integrity of medical packaging is often evaluated with equal attention and rigor as the medical device itself, and should not be considered secondary to the device when it comes to qualification testing. Ultimately, the packaging is a vessel for the drug, device, or product and needs to contain and protect what is inside."

Posted On Aug 24, 2015


An Introduction to Digital Image Correlation

The benefits of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) include measuring strain without requiring physical contact, viewing full-field data (like thousands of tiny extensometers), and not needing to know where to place the strain gauge/extensometer before a test starts. The following presentation gives an introduction to this optical technique.

Posted On Aug 17, 2015


The Benefits of Automated Materials Testing

What value can you gain from automating your materials testing lab? See yourself in this animated video.

Posted On Jul 28, 2015


Steel Reinforcement Bar: A Tensile Testing Guide

Jeff Shaffer, Manager of Product Marketing and Management for the Instron® Industrial Products Group, talks with Advanced Materials & Processes (AM&P) about how critical understanding the basics of tensile testing is to ensure product quality of steel reinforcing bar, or rebar.

Posted By Elayne (Schneebacher) Gordonov

 Jul 21, 2015


Simulating Body Temperature When Testing Biomedical Devices and Materials

Biomedical testing allows for these materials and devices to be tested in vitro so patients are not put at risk, but if you’ve done any biomedical testing in the past, you know that there can be many challenges along the way.

Posted On Jul 09, 2015


Building a Business Case for Modernisation: An Interview with Nick Shrubsall

Our own Nick Shrubsall, Product and Marketing Manager for Instron’s Dynamic Upgrades and Accessories business, talks to AZoM about their Lab Health Check campaign for upgrading old equipment and helping improve reliability, productivity and capability.