Instron Launches “Essentials of Biomedical Testing” Online Training Course

Available now through Instron’s eLearning Online Training Program, The Essentials of Biomedical Testing course is designed to provide an introduction and foundation into the world of biomedical testing. This one-hour course is tailored for lab managers and test machine operators in the biomedical industry, and test method developers that want a refresher course on terminology.

This eLearning training is delivered in a series of learn-at-your-own-pace videos that cover a range of applications including implantable devices, orthopedics, surgical products, and more. This course addresses details associated with test specimens, testing types, test standards, test results, and regulatory considerations in the world of biomedical testing. Also included are self-check quizzes and a training certificate which is awarded upon completion.

“In order to ensure the efficacy and safety of their products, companies in the biomedical industry need to establish testing methods for and provide testing data from both present and future products. For over 70 years, Instron has been working with these companies on products such as this to make sure they can do exactly that.”

- Jim Ritchey of the Instron Training Center

Instron debuted its eLearning programs in 2017 with the popular Basic Introduction to Materials Testing: Static course. This was followed up with Errors in Your Data in 2018. eLearning is just one of many training options that the Instron Training Center offers, including onsite training at customer sites, regional courses, and training classes at the Instron factory.

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