Reducing Rods

Fastener Reducing Rod assemblies are not used to test fasteners. They are used as an adapter to allow smaller size fastener holders to be mounted to larger bolt holders.

Three sizes are available to allow adding Series A holders to Series B, Series B holders to Series C or D, and Series B holders to Series E. 

The reducing rod assembly consists of a threaded rod and a plain flat washer that matches the larger fastener holder being used.

Principle Of Operation

In order to use Fastener Reducing Rods, the larger size bolt holder must already be mounted in the frame. If a spherical seat is used with the larger holder, then a second spherical seat is not required for the smaller holder.

The reducing rod is threaded into the smaller holder, and then inserted into the larger holder just like any other fastener to be tested. The plain flat washer acts as the seating surface to provide alignment between the larger and smaller holders, a nut attached to the rod secures the smaller holder to the larger holder. The plain flat washer is similar to the flat washer used for testing fasteners. 

Once inserted in the larger holder, the nut above the flat washer is tightened to seat the smaller holder. The fastener to be tested is then inserted into the smaller series holder and testing is performed as normal. 

Though mounting the smaller holders to the larger holder does require more test space, the savings in time and additional adaptation to the spherical seat being used will more than outweigh the additional test space required.

Application Range

  • Types of Loading: tension