Short Bolt Adapters

Designed as an integral part of the fastener testing system, adapters give flexibilty and range to the tester. All adapters are designed to conform to ASTM F606 and other international standards. 

There are numerous types of adapters that fill different testing needs. All are designed to increase the capabilities of the bolt holder testing platform. 

Available adapters include: holder reducing assemblies, nut proof loading assemblies, and short bolt adapters. 

Principle Of Operation

Short bolt adapters are used for bolts that are too short to be tested in bolt holders using conventional threaded washers. These adapters are available for all bolt holder series. There are two different types of short bolt adapters: tophat adapters for smaller diameter bolts and dumbbell adapters for larger diameter bolts. The tophat adapters can generally be used on shorter bolts because a section of the adapter actually fits into the holder. If the bolt diameter requires a heavy-duty adapter with thread attachment external to the bolt holders, a dumbbell adapter would be used.

Application Range

  • Types of Loading: proof tests, axial and wedge tensile test, cone stripping nut tests 
  • Specimen Material: metal alloys 
  • Specimen Types: bolts, studs, nuts