Spherically seated compression platens are designed to accommodate compression specimens with surfaces that are not completely parallel. During the application of a small pre-load, the spherically seated compression platens self-align up to 4° to the top of the specimen with reference to the machine’s loading axis. For some models, the spherical seat is integral to the compression platen. For others the spherical seat can be added to convert a compression platen to a spherically seated platen.

Compression Platens with Integral Spherical Seat

The hardened surface of these platens ensures no deformation of the platen occurs during testing while the polished finish minimizes friction between the platen and specimen. Platens that have a 100 mm or larger diameter include a locking mechanism to secure the spherical seat into position, ensuring it is parallel with the lower platen. An LVDT deflection sensor may be attached to provide high accuracy strain measurement.

Platen Diameter Load Capacity Catalog Number
50 mm 10 kN S5722A
50 mm 100 kN S5722B
100 mm 10 kN S5724A
100 mm 100 kN S5724B
150 mm 10 kN S5726A
150 mm 100 kN S5726B
200 mm 10 kN S5728A
200 mm 100 kN S5728B
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Industrial Series Compression Platens

High-Force Compression Platens

The Industrial Series spherically seated compression platens offer optimal balance of rigidity and self-alignment, ensuring uniform specimen loading. Compression platen combinations can be configured to comply with ASTM C39, C67, C109, C133, C140, C365, AASHTO T22, and other standards.

Spherical Seat Diameter Load Capacity Catalog Number
79 mm 1000 kN W-2005-A
114 mm 2000 kN W-2005-B
165 mm 4500 kN W-2005-C
228 mm 4500 kN W-2005-D
305 mm 5000 kN W-2005-F
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Spherical Seating

Spherical Seatings

An attachment to convert a compression platen to a spherically seated platen.

Capacity Lower Fitting Upper Fitting Catalog Number
300 kN 6 x M10 on 100 mm BC M48 x 2 fRH (Type llf) 2501-118
Fatigue Rated
500 kN Static
250 kN Dynamic
M48 x 2 fRH (Type llf) M48 x 2 fRH (Type llf) 2840-112*
* For use with 2840-11x compression platens
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