For Static Strain Measurement

Instron’s static axial clip-on extensometers are a quick and easy solution for measuring strain and are suitable for use on a wide range of materials such as plastics, metals, and composites. Our decades of strain measurement experience have helped us optimize the design of these devices to include: lightweight, rugged cross-brace design that eliminates errors caused by physical distortion; built-in protection to reduce damage caused by over-extension of the device; and device arms that are designed to require minimal force to stay attached to the specimen, thus minimizing knife-edge slippage during testing. All extensometers comply with both the ASTM E83 and ISO 9513 standards and are supplied with calibration certificates showing the individual performance of each unit at its factory calibration.

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2630-100 SERIES
A Multi-Purpose Extensometer Fit for a Wide Range of Materials

Principle of Operation

The 2630 series extensometers can be installed or set in place accurately and consistently, with the gauge length locking device automatically releasing itself after attachment, ensuring speed and reliability of operation. This unique "cone-latch" mechanism also overcomes the problems associated with having to remove pins or clips prior to starting a test, or tests being conducted with the extensometer accidentally locked at gauge length.

Features and Benefits

  • Rugged cross-brace design with low operating force arms
  • Unique, patented cone-latch system
  • Precise, fixed gauge length with automatic calibration facility
  • Interchangeable rapid attachment spring clips
  • Centering guides for accurate alignment on small diameter specimens
  • Ideal for temperature cabinet use, between -100 °C to 200 °C
  • Suitable for closed-loop strain control for monotonic and low-rate cyclic testing
  • Rugged construction allows for extensometer to be left on through failure for most materials

Application Range

  • Metals testing ‘n-value’
  • Flex or compression testing
  • Rigid plastics testing
  • Immersable testing
  • Composites

2630-100 Series Axial Clip On Extensometer

Available Models
Catalog Number Gauge Length (Metric) Travel (Axial)
2630-120 8 mm ±50%
2630-101 10 mm ±10%
2630-102 10 mm ±50%
2630-105 25 mm ±10%
2630-106 25 mm +50%
2630-107 25 mm +100%
2630-111 50 mm ±10%
2630-112 50 mm +50%
2630-113 50 mm +100%
2630-123 75 mm +10%
2630-117 80 mm +10%
2630-118 80 mm +50%
2630-119 100 mm +50%
Catalog Number Gauge Length (US Customary) Travel (Axial)
2630-121 0.3 in ±50%
2630-103 0.5 in ±10%
2630-104 0.5 in ±50%
2630-108 1.0 in ±10%
2630-109 1.0 in +50%
2630-110 1.0 in +100%
2630-114 2.0 in ±10%
2630-115 2.0 in +50%
2630-116 2.0 in +100%
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E-Series Strain Gauge Extensometer
For Testing Rebar and Other Rod Materials

Principle of Operation

The unique pull-apart design of this long gauge length clip-on extensometer reduces the chance of damage during specimen fracture, and the quick attach kit (included) allows easy mounting on specimen. Because of their larger frame size, the W-6280 series extensometers require two handed operation to attach the instrument to the specimen, so these extensometers still rely on a pin to set the gauge length.

Application Range

  • Type of loading: tensile
  • Specimen materials: webbing, textile materials, weld joints, steel re-bar
  • Specimen sizes:
    Rounds: 0 to 58.4 mm diameter
    Flats: 0 to 12.7 mm thick x 31.75 mm wide
  • Temperature rating: -40 °C to 100 °C

Available Models
Catalog Number Gauge Length (Metric) % Travel (Axial)
W-6280-200 200 mm +12.5%
W-6280-250 250 mm +10%
Catalog Number Gauge Length (US Customary) % Travel (Axial)
W-6280-8 8 in +12.5%

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