Instron static load cells are designed for use with our 6800, 3400, 5900, and 3300 Series testing systems. Ranging in capacity from 2.5 N to 600 kN, static load cells are suitable for a variety of testing applications including tension, compression, cyclic, and reverse stress tests.

2580 Series Load Cells

2580 Series Static Load Cells

The 2580 Series load cells are specifically designed for use with 6800 and 5900 Series testing systems; offering exceptional performance with the ability to measure forces as low as 1/1000th of the force capacity to an accuracy of 0.5% of reading.

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2530 Series HF and LF load cells

2530 Series Static Load Cells

For 3400 and 3300 Series universal testing systems (5N to 100N cells can also be used on 6800 and 5900 testing systems).

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2519 Series Static Load Cells

For 3400 and 3300 Series single column universal testing systems.

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2525 Series Drop-through Load Cells

Load cells for out-of-production Instron testing systems.

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