The Instron® CEAST HV500 is the latest instrument design to perform HDT and VICAT tests at high temperatures, up to 500°C, making this instrument ideal for research and quality control applications as it is ensuring the capability to test the new generations of techno-polymers, characterized by their excellent properties at high temperature. Using three independent testing stations and with a new cutting-edge heating system for specimens, the CEAST HV500 is simple to use and eliminates environmental concerns associated with oil based systems, such as vapor emissions and oil disposal.


  • New innovative heating medium that uses an Aluminum Oxide micrometer-sized powder, which is "fluidized" by compressed air rather than oil
  • The pneumatic system, which automatically lowers all three test stations at the beginning of the test and raise them at the end of the test, eliminates the need for operator manual handling
  • Automatic pneumatic system to apply and remove weights on the specimens at the start and end of the test
  • Both HDT and Vicat tests can be performed simultaneously
  • For additional operator safety, the protective cover remains closed until the bath temperature returns to the threshold temperature
  • Available as a stand-alone instrument, controlled by microprocessor and soft-touch keyboard, the instrument can be as well connected to a PC for data handling using the Bluehill HV software, ensuring parameters management and process control


HDT test

  • ASTM D648
  • ISO 75
  • DIN 53461
  • BSI 2782
  • Met 121 C
  • NT T 51-005

Vicat test

  • ASTM D1525
  • ISO 306
  • DIN 53460
  • BSI 2782
  • Met 120 C
  • NT T 51-021
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