Instron® 3400 and 6800 Series electromechanical universal testing machines can perform a wide range of mechanical tests including tensile, compression, bend, peel, tear, friction, and shear testing. These systems are designed to test materials, components, and products in accordance with ASTM, ISO, and other industry standards. Compatible with hundreds of accessories for a wide range of applications, these universal testing systems are available in a multiple sizes and configurations for R&D, QC, and other mechanical testing up to 300 kN force.

6800 Series Electromechanical Testing Systems

6800 Series

Designed for exceptional performance, the 6800 Series delivers unparalleled accuracy and reliability, improved ergonomics, and an enhanced testing experience for today’s operator.

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3400 Electromechanical Universal Testing Systems

3400 Series

The 3400 Series testing systems offer the simplicity and performance needed for routine, standardized QC tests and general-purpose mechanical testing.

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3400 Series
6800 Series
Force Capacity
0.025 N (2.5 gf) to 300 kN 
0.02 N (2 gf) to 300 kN 
Data Acquisition Rate
Up to 1000 Hz 
Up to 5000 Hz 
Bluehill® Universal Software
Instron Connect  Instron Connect provides a remote connection from your system to Instron Technical Support for rapid troubleshooting and support.
Performs Tensile, Compression, Bend, Peel, Tear, Puncture, Friction, and Many More Tests
Brushless AC Motor
Available Smart-Close Pneumatic Air Kit  Finger pinch hazards from pneumatic grips are reduced through lower grip-closing pressure and restricted speed during the set up phase of your test.
Collision Mitigation  Reduce damage to equipment and specimens by stopping the crosshead if a force is detected upon return or during a jog.
Safety Coaching  Clear visual feedback regarding system status to notify operators when it is safe to enter the test space.
Auto-Positioning  Auto Positioning saves the correct fixture separation starting location for each test method. This ensures all operators run each test exactly the same way across all shifts every day.
Removable Handset
Specimen Protect  Specimen Protect prevents excessive forces from being applied to the specimen during setup, protecting your critical specimens from damage.
Advanced Accessory and Automation Compatibility  Torsion Add-On
CT6 Cobot Test System
AT2 Automated XY Stage
AT3 3-Axis Automated Testing System
AT6 6-Axis Robotic Automated Testing System
Expanded Load Accuracy Range  ± 0.5% of reading down to 1/1000 of load cell capacity with 2580 Series load cells (with Advanced Performance Option)
Automatic Gain Adjustment (allows closed loop strain control)
Increased Axial Stiffness
More Channels (up to 13), and Analog Output and Digital I/O Board (optional)
Frames with Height Options
34TM-5, 34TM-10, 34TM-30, 34TM-50
68TM-5, 68TM-10, 68TM-30, 68TM-50
68FM-100, 68FM-300
Frames with Width Options