The Industrial Series is comprised of high-capacity, hydraulic testing systems for tension and compression applications. Ranging from 300 kN (67,500 lbf) to 2,000 kN (450,000 lbf), standard models feature large diameter columns and rugged components for superior frame stiffness and durability. Understanding the critical importance of operator safety, these models incorporate high-quality materials, components, and craftsmanship. Custom designs are also available in higher capacities or unique configurations such as horizontal or compression-only frames.

300DX 59 Series

Industrial Series DX Models

Industrial Series DX Models test wood, concrete, and metals with a two test design and a single footprint for shear, compression, tension, and bend/flex testing.

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600DX-G8 Compression Only Model

Industrial Series DX Models Compression Only Testing Machines

Industrial Series DX Models Compression Only Machines test soil, metals, and concrete in a single package with the ability to control the pressure power supply.

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1000HDX Testing Full Section Pipe

Industrial Series HDX Models

Industrial Series HDX Models allow for two tests of compression, tension, shear, or bend/flex with a large test stroke to work for different fixtures.

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Industrial Series KPX with Hydraulic Lifts and Locks

Industrial Series KPX Models

Industrial Series KPX Models work for high-capacity tension, compression, shear, and bend/flex testing with a single space and adjustable crosshead options.

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1500KPX Performing Tensile Test on Rebar

Industrial Series KX Models

Industrial Series KX Models are an ideal and cost effective solution for testing common sized specimen with a fixed height crosshead design

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300LX with Hydraulic Wege Grips and AutoX Automatic Extensometer

Industrial Series LX Models

Industrial Series LX Models test metals, wire, and composites with tension, compression, shear, and bend/flex testing in a single, large test space.

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400HVL instron industrial series testing system

Industrial Series HVL Models

To test metals, fasteners, wire, wood, and concrete, Industrial Series HVL Models use tension, compression, bend/flex, and shear testing with a long test stroke.

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