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Posted On Jul 18, 2024

MFi Series: MFi7 with Light Piston

High vs. Low Flow Materials: 4 Testing Solutions to Enhance Reliability and Accuracy of Your Results

Unveiling the Secrets of Plastic Behavior for Enhanced Product Development

Posted By Erica Deserti

 Jan 29, 2024

Bluehill Impact Pendulum

Bluehill Impact for Pendulum

The software at a glance

Posted By Nick Erickson

 Oct 16, 2023

AT3 Automated Testing System

How to Choose the Right Mechanical Testing Automation for Your Biomedical Manufacturing Lab

Introducing automation into your mechanical testing program can significantly increase the quality of your results as well as the safety and efficiency of your lab. But how do you choose the right level of automation for your application?

Posted By Nick Erickson

 Jun 23, 2023

Residual Seal Force Testing with AT2 Automated XY Stage

Mechanical Testing in the Biomedical Industry

The biomedical device industry is growing, driving demand for mechanical testing equipment. Manufacturers have had to scale their production to meet the rising demand for medical consumables and safety equipment, which tripled during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Posted By Nick Erickson

 Jun 12, 2023

Cobot Testing Auto Injectors

5 Steps to Effective Mechanical Testing Automation for Biomedical Labs in CDMOs

The production of auto-disable (AD) safe-injection devices is a core activity for many contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs). Mechanical testing assesses the safety and efficacy of AD syringes before they go to market. With the AD device industry set to grow to over $13.3 billion by 2028, laboratories within CDMOs will perform more tests more frequently. Here we look at how cobot-based systems can help these labs cope with growing workloads by maximizing repeatability and efficiency.

Posted On Jun 05, 2023

AT3 system automates tensile and flex testing of plastics

How Automation Can Improve Plastics Testing

Taking steps to automate a lab can deliver more repeatable test results and higher throughput

Posted By Andrea Incardona

 Jan 30, 2023

Person performing test with Drop Tower

Ductile to Brittle Transition Temperature

How to achieve optimal accuracy and throughput with a drop weight impact testing machine 

Posted By Francesca Pinto

 Oct 03, 2022

pendulum impact tester with specimen dispenser

Top 5 Considerations When Selecting a Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

Most critical factors to look out for when selecting pendulum impact test equipment

Posted By Dave Gradijan

 Sep 08, 2022

Intron's E20000 at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR)

NLR Unveils Instron's E20000 All-Electric Fatigue Machine

The Instron E20000 allows the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) to test materials with the same force as many hydraulic machines — but with far greater speed.

Posted By Francesca Pinto

 Sep 02, 2022

Francesco Manarini Blog Image

How to Achieve More Repeatable Test Results in 3D Printing Applications

By Francesco Manarini, Product development Manager – R&D dept. at LATI Industria Termoplastici S.p.A & LATI3Dlab

Posted By Nick Erickson

 Jul 07, 2022

Adhesive Patch Tack Testing

The ABCs of XY Stage Adhesive Tack Testing

In volume 4 of our Tales from the Apps Lab Series, we take a look at tack testing of a hydrogel adhesive patch used in a wearable nerve stimulation system.

Posted By Francesca Pinto

 Jul 04, 2022

melt flow cleaning

Melt Flow Index Tester Maintenance: top tips to optimize repeatability and accuracy 

Regular melt flow index testers regular maintenance maximize test uptime and efficiency. Explore the top tips.