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Manual Wedge Action Grips Data Sheet | Catalog No. 2716-01X-02x and 2736-01x

These versatile manual wedge action grips are equipped with moving grip bodies which allows them to be tightened onto a specimen without altering the vertical position of the faces in relation to the specimen.


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Webbing Capstan Grips | 2715-003

Webbing capstan grips are designed to permit faster, easier testing of seat belts and other high strength belts and tapes. These grips are designed to permit predetermination of specimen length, and allow quick, convenient loading.


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2850 Series T-Slot Tables Data Sheet

The T-slot table (catalog no. 2850-202, -203, -205, -206, CP103964) provides an extended work area primarily intended for clamping components or structures for performing tensile, compression or flexural tests.


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Does Your Notch Quality have an Adverse Effect on your Data Reliability?

The Instron® Motorized Notcher allows an operator to create notched specimens accurately, quickly, and safely.


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Does Your Specimen Quality have an Adverse Effect on Your Data Reliability?

The Instron® Hollow Die Punch system is a tool used to create dog bone shaped specimens easily, quickly, and safely. An ideal choice over the “manual” punching of specimens, the system is powered by compressed air and creates a tensile specimen that is free of tool marks, incipient cracks, induced stresses, internal deformation, and heat distortion in or on the specimen.


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2810 Series Micro 3 Point Bend

Bend or flexure testing provides a convenient method for characterizing the strength of the miniature components and specimens typical of those found in microelectronics applications.


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Foam Compression Fixture | 2810-130

The foam compression fixture is designed for indentation and compression testing of expanded cellular materials. Standards that require this style of fixture include ASTM D3574, Method B1 and B2, ASTM D5672, and ISO 2439.


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Flatwise Tensile Strength Fixtures | 2505-013, 2505-014, 2505-015

The sandwich flatwise tension fixture is designed to measure the bond strength between the facing and core of a sandwich construction panel.


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CEAST Impact Handbook

CEAST Impact Handbook


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CEAST HDT Vicat Series HV500

The effect of temperature on the mechanical properties of plastic materials has a fundamental role in the design of components, especially in the selection of materials. Unlike metals and ceramics, plastics are extremely sensitive to the slightest changes in temperature. The selection of plastics for applications under different temperatures is a complex task. The material must be able to support a stress under operating conditions without losing its strength and without critical distortion. The effect of temperature on geometrical stability and mechanical properties in general can be studied following different procedures and methods like at constant temperature or with a temperature ramp. From very simple units for QC labs to more advanced and automated systems, the Instron line of CEAST Thermal testers are designed to measure the heat deflection temperature (HDT) and the Vicat softening temperature (VST) according to the related ISO and ASTM international standards.


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