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E3000® Combined POD

The ElectroPuls® E3000 Linear-Torsion is a state-of-the-art, all-electric test instrument designed for dynamic and static testing on a wide range of materials and components. It includes Instron® advanced digital control electronics, bi-axial DynacellTM load cell, Console software, and the very latest in testing technology – hassle-free tuning based on specimen stiffness, electrically operated crosshead lifts, a T-slot table for flexible test set ups and a host of other user-orientated features. Powered from a single-phase supply it requires no additional utilities for basic machine operation (for example, pneumatic air, hydraulics, or water).


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Averaging Axial and Biaxial Clip-On Extensometers

These bi-axial and averaging axial clip-on extensometers use strain gauges for measurement and are constructed from high-strength aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel. All of the extensometers feature simple, single-handed operation. The extensometer incorporates automatic electrical calibration and transducer recognition including a unique digital serial number.


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2810-400 Flexure Fixture

The 2810-400 flexure fixture allows a variety of flexural tests to be performed, including determination of flexural modulus,flexural strength and flexural yield strength. Easy-to-install, the three-point fixture can be modified with an optional conversion kit to provide a four-point bending conversion


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3119 600 Series Environmental Chambers Brochure

3119-600 Series - Environmental Chambers


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BioBox Data Sheet

The lnstron BioBox (catalog no. CP110012, CP110015, CP128993, CP128994) meets the growing trend of testing medical devices and biomaterials at body temperature (37°С). For large or long devices, testing in а liquid may not bе practical. As an alternative, testing inside а controlled air environment at body temperature provides а powerful solution.


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6800 Series | Safety Without Sacrificing Throughput

With the all-new 6800 Series, Instron invested in ways to make materials testing equipment safer than ever before to help protect operators, equipment, and specimens without sacrificing throughput.


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10N Wire Pull Hook Fixture

Catalog Number 2860-001


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2601 Series LVDT Deflection Sensors

The 2601 Series Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) displacement transducers are measuring devices that measure the displacement of the load frames.


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Ultra-light tup holder for impact drop tower

Ultra-light tup holder for impact drop tower for Automotive and Electrinics applications


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Melt Flow Testers MF50

The ability of melted materials to flow under pressure at set temperatures has a fundamental importance in polymer science and technology. The MF50 is especially used by 24/7 laboratoriestesting several different\ materials, from fast flowing master batches up to highly viscous rubbery or filled materials, where quick and safe operations have big impact on productivity.


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