Instron Exhibiting at MD&M Minneapolis

October 31 – November 1, 2018 | Minneapolis, MN | Booth #1318

MD&M Minneapolis 2018

Materials Testing for medical technology

Biomedical Applications Testing

The medical technology industry is full of constant innovation and change. Everything from medical devices and packaging to pharmaceuticals and biomaterials are seeing tremendous advances that translate into better care, better quality of life, and longer life expectancy.

As part of this innovation boom, there has also been a substantial increase in regulatory involvement – and it is becoming increasingly normal for products in this industry to undergo full evaluations throughout the entire research and development process, in addition to extensive QA testing once a product reaches production.

As a materials testing solutions provider, we always love attending Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) Minneapolis because it’s a great way to connect with local medtech companies, answering questions about product development and quality assurance challenges.

At this year’s show, a few of our industry experts will be at our booth (#1318) offering demonstrations of our latest static and dynamic testing machines that are helping medtech labs achieve a wide range of testing goals, including:

  • Increasing sample throughput through automation and other time saving technologies
  • Developing methods and setups for testing new medical devices and novel materials
  • Improving safety and ergonomics in the laboratory
  • Simplifying the method development process
  • Making it easier to train new users
  • Expanding capabilities to do more testing in-house

The list could go on and on – needless to say, there are a lot of exciting ways we’re helping labs testing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, medical packaging, and biomaterials!

What to See at Our Booth

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