Instron Releases New 9400 Series Drop Towers Featuring Bluehill® Impact Software

At Instron, we maintain our position at the leading edge of impact testing innovation through design and collaboration, both with our customers and leading university and industry researchers.

The development of Instron Drop Tower Systems and Bluehill® Impact Software is based on a full understanding of customer needs for both an enhanced user-experience and outstanding productivity. The Instron Drop Tower 9400 Series was developed to deliver faster results, fewer errors, and lower training costs for customers who are under pressure to deliver higher quality advanced materials for stronger yet lighter products.



9400 Series News Article Image

This is achieved by simplifying workflows, providing preconfigured and prompted tests, streamlining data and exporting it for analysis, while providing advanced capability with high speed video and more.

Featuring future-proof high-speed and high throughout capabilities and user-friendly software based on the popular Instron Bluehill® platform, Instron Drop Towers give you the confidence you need in your results, time and time again.