Calpro CR Software

Optimizes Calibration Quality

Instron® Calibration Laboratory developed CalproCR Software to automate factory compensation and linearization processes. CalproCR Software performs data acquisition, uncertainty analysis, checks against ISO and ASTM requirements, and allows full reports to be available at the end of the calibration and verification procedure.

Minimizes Equipment Downtime

CalproCR Software not only significantly improves reporting, but also speeds the procedure and virtually eliminates human error. This is very important because ASTM, ISO, DIN, and other verification standards require readouts from chart recorders, digital displays, computers, etc., to be verified individually.

Also worth noting is that ISO 17025, ISO 10012-1 (replaced MIL Spec 45662A), and ANSI 2540 require notification if verification or calibration results differ markedly from the previous verification or calibration, and if adjustments were made ("As Found" & "As Left"). Instron's computerized documentation makes it much easier and faster to compare results from previous verification's to the next.