Return to Factory

When repairs, refurbishment, or calibrations cannot be done at your site, we offer a range of services at our factory locations.

Our factory team is familiar with all aspects of your testing system including the assembly and repair of transducers, hydraulic actuators, accessories, and more. Our technicians have access to the tooling, lifting devices, and factory expertise necessary to repair and test equipment performance to original factory specifications.

To assure safe and effective handling of material and equipment returned to our facilities for repair we follow a Returned Material Authorization and documentation process (RMA).

Transducer Repair Services 

  • Repair and re-calibration of Instron® transducers (load cells, extensometers, etc). To meet ASTM standard requirements, re-verification is required upon installation into the testing system. 

Testing System Accessories, Mechanical, and Electrical Repair

  • Repair of Instron systems and Wilson® Rockwell® hardness testers
  • Accessories such as grips, fixtures, chambers, and gearboxes
  • PC boards repair and electrical components replacement

Actuator Repair

  • Resurfacing of all wear areas such as grinding, re-chroming pistons, and removal of any scores
  • Cleaning of all other components and replacement of seals
  • Performance and pressure testing to Instron's specifications

Please have your machine model number (located on the crosshead) and the actuator number (located on the nameplate) ready before your call Instron. Our administrator will issue you a Return Authorization Number.

Factory Calibration and Verification Services

Our factory-based calibration lab maintains a broad range of primary and secondary standards traceable to national standards. Products repaired at our factory locations are calibrated to factory specifications.