Bluehill 3 Operators Course


This course provides two days of hands-on training using Bluehill 3 Software with a certified Instron training instructor. Students learn how to create Physical and Virtual Measurements, setup Extra Displays, use the Navigation Assistance, set Calculation Domains and use the Analysis option. Working at individual PC stations, students work with a training manual and live instruction to learn how to create test applications, run tests and generate results.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Run tests, generate graphs & produce test reports.
  • Create, save and retrieve test methods and sample data files.
  • Configure User Interface.
    • Console.
    • Workspace.
  • Setup test control parameters.
    • Control Modes.
    • Test rates
    • Test events
  • Electronically calibrate and balance transducers.
  • Enter specimen dimensions and sample identifications.
  • Setup basic result table, statistics and calculations.
  • Recall service history log.
  • Configure output to external recording devices
    • Export Results and Raw Datali>
    • Print, Save, Email Reports
  • Setup digital I/O lines.
  • Review using load cells, grips, and accessories on a load frame.

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*Price does not include lodging and meals