TestProfiler for Bluehill3 Users with Advanced Features


Complete software training on the TestProfiler 2.0 option and advanced features for the Bluehill3 software. You will learn how to develop waveforms, events/actions, test results, test methods, save, recall and generate test data. You will learn how to build your own cyclic test setups and sequences. You will also learn about advanced calculation tools such and domain expressions and user defined calculations.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Design your own profiler tests
  • Create, load and save your own profiler waveforms
  • Use enhanced load or strain control
  • Create different waveforms - absolute/relative ramps, triangle, holds
  • Select results on specific segments
  • Augment test sequence with Actions and Events
  • Write user calculations and utilize domain expressions based on waveform

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*Price does not include lodging and meals