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4400 Series Product Life Cycle Support Notice

This notice is to inform owners of Instron 4400 Series universal testing systems that the life cycle status has been updated to Phase 3 of the Instron Product Life Cycle. It also outlines any changes to Instron’s service and support capabilities related to these systems moving to Phase 3.


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Torsion Add-on Version 3 - User Manual

The Torsion Add-on system comprises a compatible electromechanical load frame, e.g. 6800 Series, a secondary motor mounted to the moving crosshead, a torsion controller assembly mounted to the column of the load frame and a suitable biaxial load cell mounted to the base adapter This configuration provides torque to the specimen which allows biaxial testing of specimens.


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Instron Connect

Instron’s Remote Technical Support (RTS), powered by Connect, offers the highest level of technical support for Instron systems around the world. As mission critical machines and processes become more complex, the challenge of maintaining uptime in the lab or streamlining related business processes has grown. Connect creates a secure connection between testing systems at your facility and Instron’s network of global support engineers, resulting in fast responses that provide more productivity and the latest IoT technologies while also reducing risk and expanding support access to new and old systems in your laboratory.


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2715 Series Capstan Grips

2715-001 Series Cord Capstan Grips are designed to permit faster, easier testing of twisted or braided cords. These are designed to permit predetermination of specimen length, and allow quick, convenient loading.


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2519 Series Static Load Cells

Instron® load cells are an integral part of a materials testing system. The 2519 Series load cells are specifically designed for use with Instron’s 3300 Single column testing systems. The design, manufacture, and performance verification is conducted with materials testing applications in mind and the cells are certified in accordance with international standards.


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2530 Series High Force Static Load Cells

2530 Series static load cells (500 N – 100 kN) for use with 3300 testing systems.


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2530 Series Low Force Static Load Cells

2530 Series static load cells (5 -100 N) for use with 3300 and 5900 testing systems


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2580 Series Load Cells

2580 Series static load cells (500 N – 600 kN) for use with 5900 testing systems


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9000 Series Pendulum Impact Testers POD

The Instron 9000 Series of pendulum impact testers are designed for determining the impact resilience of thermoplastics. Available in capacities from 0,5 to 50 Joules, the 9050 models are reliable and easy to operate.


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IPS Force Calibration

Instron’s calibration services not only meet industry and international regulatory standards, but also routinely exceed them. As the leading provider of high accuracy instruments and the first materials testing company to use strain gauge load cell technology, we take pride in knowing that our calibrations are of the highest quality.


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