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Posted By Jeffrey Shaffer

 Mar 30, 2017

Bluehill Universal

Own Your Data and Results: Export Files, Import to LIMS

Accurate and repeatable test results are the most important product of a mechanical test. Properly managing these test results can be more challenging than conducting the test itself. Although there are several common data management and results reporting practices throughout the testing industry, most labs take approaches that are unique to them. In order to make it easier for all labs to take control of their test results and data, we have introduced several new exporting features with the release of Bluehill® Universal.

Posted On Mar 23, 2017

calibration certificate

How Important is Calibrating Materials Testing Systems?

There are many different reasons why you should calibrate your testing system. Primarily, calibration is performed to ensure that your testing system is operating within its requirements. Whether these requirements are established by law, government regulation, industry regulation, or your own company quality system, organizations have recognized the importance of calibrating systems at regular intervals.

Posted On Feb 12, 2017


Traceability: What is it, and Why is it Important?

Let’s begin with a definition from The International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM): Metrological Traceability is the property of a measurement result whereby the result can be related to a reference through a documented unbroken chain of calibrations, each contributing to the measurement uncertainty.

Posted On Dec 08, 2016


Growth of ITW Young Professionals Network in Europe

Instron Applications Engineers Maeve Higham and Alessandro Zazzarelli sat down for an interview to share their great work for Europe’s Young Professionals Network. This newly established cohort is gathering across Europe and supporting the rising talent of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), Instron’s parent company.

Posted On Dec 04, 2016

Accessories Biomaterials

Today’s Biomaterials Testing and Characterization

Instron Biomedical Market Manager Elayne Gordonov recently reviewed the state of biomaterials testing and characterization with Advanced Materials & Processes (AM&P) Magazine.

Posted On Dec 01, 2016


Gage Repeatability and Reliability: Ensuring Accurate Test Results for Measurement Systems

In a recent Quality Magazine article, Instron Applications Manager Morgan Galaznik and Biomedical Market Manager Elayne Gordonov discuss the importance of material selection when designing a GR&R study.

Posted On Nov 14, 2016

Car breakdown

The Future of Fatigue Testing in the Automobile Industry

We have participated in an interview for Quality Magazine on the topic of fatigue testing in the automobile industry.

Posted On Nov 01, 2016

Matt Spiret

Metals Market Reacts to Material Trends

Learn how the metals market is reacting to competitive forces and what trends are on the horizon.

Posted By Elayne (Schneebacher) Gordonov

 Oct 11, 2016

Contact Lens Test

More Than 40 Million People Depend on Contact Lenses

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 40 million people in the United States alone wear contact lenses. Globally, this number grows, making contact lenses one of the most widely used medical devices in the world.

Posted On Sep 21, 2016

quality magazine ceast article

Plastics Analysis for Automotive Applications

How do we select the right material that provides the best perfomance and the highest quality? Instron recently published an article in Quality Magazine highlighting plastics testing and how it relates to Automotive applications.

Posted On Sep 07, 2016


Why Measure Strain Optically?

Published in Quality Magazine, read our article on the advantages of optical strain measurement.

Posted By Courtney Coyle

 Aug 31, 2016


What Value Does ISO 9001 Add?

At Instron®, we recognize the importance and the impact of your test results.  When used in an R&D application, our equipment is helping you make business decisions about new processes or new materials.  In a QC setting, we understand that our customers sometimes use our equipment for acceptance testing on an entire lot of production material.  If the results from our equipment is not accurate, or if our equipment does not perform as expected, we understand the impact on your business.  With this understanding and our desire to exceed your expectations, Instron’s quality management system stands above our competitors.