To Retrofit or Not to Retrofit

Frank Lio, Electromechanical Product Support Manager, and Paul Martin, Engineering Technical Lead, discuss with Quality Magazine the proposition of whether to retrofit or not to retrofit as universal testing systems age:

It is possible to retrofit almost any older testing system.
The question is whether the investment is worthwhile.

Universal Testing Machines (UTMs) are reliable workhorses—they can run hundreds of tests each day, seven days a week, sustaining the energy from test specimens breaking at loads up to 5 kN, 50 kN, even 600 kN and beyond. However, just like a real workhorse with years or decades of service, they will eventually get old, wear down, and not be as reliable or perform as well as newer alternatives—but do you put it out to pasture? Or can you update it with a retrofit and keep it reliably running—perhaps even better than ever?

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To Retrofit or Not to Retrofit