The strength of adhesive joints in timber is crucial in determining the performance of the completed structure. These fixtures are designed to provide an accurate and easy to use method for assessing adhesive strength using different types of timber and adhesives. 

Principle Of Operation

The test fixture consists of two steel specimen holders. The upper holder is attached to the load cell of the test system via a flexible coupling to provide optimum alignment. The lower holder mounts directly to the test machine base adaptor.

The prepared specimen is simply inserted from the front into the holders, which are designed to apply the test load to the specimen shoulders. 

The force required to break the adhesive bond is applied by moving the crosshead in the tensile direction.

Application Range

  • Adhesive bond strength of wood according to ASTM D 897


Item Name Cat #
Adhesive Bond Tension Test Fixture S1-11861
Wood Test Fixture, Extra Blocks S1-11861-1