The Instron 3119-160 is a 3 Zone Split Tube Furnace with a side entry extensometer port. It is manufactured with a wire-wound element for maximum operation up to 1200°C (2200°F). The elements are uniquely formed to provide optimum temperature uniformity, ensuring conformance with testing standards such as ASTM E21, ISO 6892-2, EN10002-5,and EN2002-2. Top and bottom furnace end plates are provided, designed to be durable and provide excellent insulation. They include a 20mm (0.787in) diameter hole for use with pull rods.

To ensure operator safety the furnace uses high-grade insulation that does not use Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF). To prevent burns, the furnace has a protective shield which makes minimal contact with the furnace to prevent heat transfer, meaning that the external surfaces are not excessively hot during normal operation.

Type K thermocouples with miniature plugs are mounted on the center line in the center of each heated zone. To prevent costly replacements of damaged thermocouples, there is a quick release connection on the outside of the furnace. Should damage occur, it is a simple replacement instead of a complex installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Split furnace - Makes loading and removing specimen load strings fast and easy.
  • Wide temperature range - Capable of maintaining stable temperature control from 200-1050°C (392°F-1922°F)*
  • Fast heating rate with minimal overshoot* - reducing time needed to soak specimens prior to testing.
  • Extensometer Port - Allowing simple attachment of side entry extensometers for common gauge length and travel requirements
  • Testing Standards - Enabling compliance with common elevated temperature testing standards such as: ASTM E21, ISO 6892-2, EN10002-5, EN2002-2.
  • Heat shield - Increases operator safety preventing contact with hot areas of furnace.
  • Thermocouples connections outside the furnace - Simplifying replacement if thermocouples cables are damaged.
  • Standard Instron mountings - Backwards compatible with all existing accessories.

*When combined with 3119-960 Furnace Controller

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